Ruislip depot (LUL) Visit July 2007

Visit to Ruislip depot July 2007 by Bob Poole

July 23rd 2007 saw me visiting the ex LUL depot at Ruislip for the first time in nearly 14 years. This is now run for Metronet by a consortium of service providers. The depot services and maintains the Central Line fleet of 1992 tube stock.

                      New 1992 Tube stock being delivered @ south Ruislip in 1993

New stock for Central line delivered in 1993

Part of my reason for being there took me into the depot sheds and roads where I chanced upon one the icons of the former Metropolitan Railway; electric loco Sarah Siddons No 12 coupled to a rake of ex BR MkI coaches.

Introduced in 1922/23 these Metropolitan Vickers Ltd built Bo-Bo locos were introduced to displace the steam locos that had up till then hauled Metropolitan main line gauge carriages from Baker Street as far as Rickmansworth. They in their turn were displaced by A stock in the early 1960’s. This will itself be replaced by the new S-stock, expected to enter service in late 2009. They each weighed 61.5 tons, were 39ft. 6ins. long, and could accelerate from rest to 25mph in 25 seconds, top speed being 65mph. They could start a 265 ton freight train up a 1 in 45 gradient on a straight track and could shunt at speeds down to 2mph. She is maintained in working order and makes occasional trips on the London Underground lines, clearance gauge permitting.

Also on view was the ex 1938 stock tunnel cleaning train, with what looked its modern replacement a couple of roads away. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any photos.

Out in the yard itself were some engineering trains from the Transplant fleet, including the battery locos below.

These interesting locos have a dual power availability, being able to run from the 630 volt traction system, although their primary use is during engineering hours when the traction current is switched off. The batteries then allow for movement independent of the traction supply.

Link to the Wikipedia site of the history of the Central line