London Transport District line – Farewell to the “D” Stock

 George Marcar our Exhibition Officer travelled on the stock and here are his photographs:




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exhibition in November




Interesting link to the history of Lesney toys,5SFY,1MJZ2I,JQUP,1




Photos taken on a trip taken by two GRES members in

Germany & Switzerland this month


Kof: Class 323 at Bischopheim
E10 220 at Bw Stuttgart
Engineers machine at Bw Mannheim – does anybody know what they are used for? The unit on the low loader are part of strategic units for repairs and attending accidents. DB I think has recently in the last year commissioned some new units if my memory is right. These units are placed in strategic places on the system. Information supplied by Dave Ward GRES member – thanks


Basel Hbf SNCF TGV the fastest train in the world


Class 623 DMU at Bw Kaiserlauten
Class 363 at Ludwigshafen
Class 998 at Tubingen depot – still runs at special events
Swiss loco 11120 at Basel Wolf depot
Class 112 at Bw Stuttgart
Class 120 and Class 147 at Bw Stuttgart
Class 163 on a plinth at Bw Stuttgart
New build Class 187 at Bw Mannheim
Class 650 at Tubingen depot
Swisss Class 620 inside Basel Wolf depot
Class 612 DMU at Tubingen
Swiss Class 420 inside Basel Wolf shed
Class 294 and Class 185 at Offenburg
Class 111 at Tubingen
Class 85 steam loco at Offenburg – it has narrow gauge railway running around it