Part 1

British Steam Locomotives

British Railway History

British Railway Engineering

Foreign Railways



21.          Where and which year was Frank Hornby born?

22.          In which year was the first Hornby train introduced?

23.          What was the name of the computerised train control system introduced by Hornby in 1979?

24.          In which month and year did Rovex Models and Hobbies Ltd change their name to Hornby Hobbies Ltd?

25.          When did Hornby move the production of Mecano to Binns Road?


26.          Who wrote Thomas the Tank Engine?

27.          On which locomotive was Thomas based?

28.          Where did Thomas live?

29.          In which year did Thomas arrive in Sodor?

30.          For which purposes did the Fat Controller purchase Thomas?

British Railway History

31.          Which was the first railway to be authorised by an Act of Parliament?

32.          What was the date of the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway?

33.          When was the London & Southampton Railway Co incorporated?

34.          How was it possible for the Great Western Railway to be built as a broad-gauge line, despite a Parliament requirement for all railway bills to include a clause requiring the line to be built to standard gauge?

35.          On what date did the Great Western Railway Act receive the Royal Assent?


36.          Which was the first preserved steam locomotive to break the British Railways Board ban on steam operations over BR tracks, in 1971?

37.          What was the main traffic despatched in bulk train-loads from Ashburton Grove yard, near Finsbury Park, to Ayot (Herts)?

38.          In what four locations did the Great Northern Railway operate hotels?

39.          What was peculiar about the 3ft 6in gauge railway operated at Swanscombe Cement Works, Kent, by Associated Portland Cement until about 1928?

40.          Which was the last former Midland & Great Northern Railway Joint Railway locomotive to remain in British Railways service?

Part 3


41.          What were the names of the two engineers who entered Novelty for the Rainhill Trials?

42.          How was T.S. Brandreth’s Rainhill entry, Cycloped, propelled?

43.          What was the name of the engine entered by Timothy Burtsall for the Rainhill Trials and which proved an abject failure?

44.          Which of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway engines was used to convey the injured William Huskisson, MP, to hospital in St Helens from the scene of his accident during the opening ceremony?

45.          What name was given to the first locomotive built for the Canterbury & Whitstable Railway by Robert Stephenson?


46.          Approximately how many bricks were calculated to have been incorporated in the lining of the Kilsby Tunnel on the London & Birmingham Railway?

47.          Who was the architect who designed the Doric portico and Great Hall at Euston station, so tragically demolished in the 1960’s?

48.          Where on the London & Birmingham Railway is the great cutting through the Chiltern Hills?

49.          Between which two points did the Great Western Railway install Cooke & Whetstone’s electric telegraph in 1839?

50.          To what gauge were the first sections of the Eastern Counties Railway (Bishopsgate to Romford and Stratford to Bishop’s Stortford) originally built?


51.          Which was the first \British Railways locomotive to appear in rail blue livery, in May 1964?

52.          To which foreign administration was the Hawker Siddeley prototype HS4000 Kestrel sold, being shipped from Cardiff on 8 July 1971?

53.          To which motive power depot were all the Western Region Hymek diesel-hydraulic locomotives delivered prior to February 1962 allocated?

54.          On which German type locomotive was the design of the Western Region Warship class diesel-hydraulic locomotives based?

55.          Which British firm built MAN engines under licence from the German manufacturers for use on the Western Region diesel-hydraulic locomotives?


56.          The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad was the setting for the first film made with a cohesive narrative. It was made in 1903 by Edwin S, Porter and the words of its title became famous in quite a different context. What was the title?

57.          Who directed the 1924 film The Iron Horse for Fox Studios, recounting the building of the Union Pacific Railroad?

58.          Which historic locomotive was used in an eponymous film starring Buster Keaton, in 1927?

59.          What was the name of the film made at Gaumont-British Studios, |Lime Grove, in 1932, the title suggesting that a journey to a European capital was the film’s subject?

60.          On which part of the Great Western Railway was the 1936 film The Last Journey made?